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Sorry for the promo, but it is for a good cause


I didn't make it, just found it. But it is a good idea. Obviously won't bring in millions, but every little bit helps.

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January 4 2006, 14:15:37 UTC 12 years ago

I've dealt with insomnia for most of my life. I sleep, I dream, I run, I scream.... Pills do help-Xanax and the like....But I fall asleep like I'm coming down from a high. I used to drink. Wouldn't recommend that either. I like the dark. Now. I used to "sleep" with the light on or TV or something. Used to wake my family screaming nearly every night. Sleep is not fun at night. Can do it just fine in daylight. Anyone else relate?
What the hell? Why did you reply to me? Make your own post.